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Management of Change (MOC) Essential Info

Date and time: 1st October 2020/ 14:00hrs GMT


Louise Whiting

United Kingdom

Experience: 12 years


Louise is a Process Safety Engineer providing process safety services to a wide variety of industries (oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, refining, energy generation, building risk assessments etc.) through high quality workshop facilitation particularly focussed on technical workshops such as HAZOP, LOPA, HAZID, WhatIf and SIL. She is adaptive to completing new workshops such as Energy Optimisation and other key brainstorming sessions. She has deep technical expertise developed through extensive experience within operating companies in both process and process safety roles upstream onshore, offshore in oil and gas facilities; from drilling and completions to the export pipeline and oil and gas processing.


  • WHY we need MOC ?
  • How MOC Process Work ?
  • Where MOC process fail ?
  • Q&A

Date and time: 1st October 2020/ 14:00hrs GMT

Duration: 35 minutes

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