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Knowtified's transformative journey starts with capturing Performance Output data for insights in Knowtified 1.0, then personalizes learning pathways through LMS integration in Knowtified 2.0. Now, Knowtified 3.0 unleashes your full potential with AI-powered behavioral science. Predict performance, address hidden patterns, and receive personalized interventions – all to watch teams flourish and organizations surge with increased efficiency, employee engagement, and profit. Knowtified 3.0 isn't just a platform, it's your potential-unlocking partner.

1.0: Performance Output: The Foundation of Insights

Our journey begins with the cornerstone - Knowtified 1.0. Here, we capture your team's performance data, unearthing valuable insights into strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential. This becomes the foundation upon which we build your personalized roadmap to success.

2.0: Learning Management: Bricks of Personalized Learning

With Knowtified 2.0, we start building on this foundation. Leveraging the insights from 1.0, we seamlessly integrate with your existing Learning Management Systems (LMS). This powerful combination lays the bricks of personalized learning pathways, meticulously crafted to address each individual's unique needs and aspirations


3.0: Behavioral Science: Unleash Potential with AI's Mortar

Now, prepare to witness the transformation with Knowtified 3.0. We use the AI and Behavioral Science mortar to cement your progress and unlock your full potential. Go beyond data and insights - predict performance, address hidden patterns impacting results, and receive highly personalized interventions and skill development catalysts. Witness teams flourish and organizations surge with measurable gains in operational efficiency, employee engagement, and profit. Knowtified 3.0 isn't just a platform; it's your trusted partner, building your potential brick by brick.

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